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Front of a RS7400.
Inside of a RS 7400
Some of the great features of a Crown Royal:

  • Round fire drum
  • Shaker grates
  • Ash pan
  • Cross tubes
  • Damper tray.

Two combustion fans in the rear. Just a great,
simple design that is super reliable with the
best fit and finish of any brand we have come
Our products are great for reducing your heat bills
We've been in business for over 10 years
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Virtually any existing heating system can be converted
into heating with an Outdoor Wood Stove and you can
heat multiple buildings with the same unit. Applications
include Residential Homes, Pool / Hot Tubs, Domestic
Hot Water, Radiant In-Floor Heating, Commercial
Buildings, Greenhouses, Garages & Workshops, Barns
& Agricultural Buildings..